STEAM Studio Fall 2016

Welcome to our lesson and idea sharing space for STEAM Studio in Fall 2016!

Link to these resources with the short link:

Planning, Brainstorming and Scheduling
Planning and Brainstorming

Our 1st STEAM Studio Project:

  1. Jitterbug Robots and Art Machines!

Instructor Contact Info:

  1. Megan Thompson (@seeingnewshapes) - thompsonm [at] - 405.749.3154
  2. Wes Fryer (@wfryer) - fryerw [at] - 405.749.3278

STEAM Resources

  1. STEAM Art Lessons by Tricia Fugelstad (@fuglefun)
  2. has 3500 lesson activities!
  3. Exploratorium Activities
  4. Exploratorium Apps
  5. STEM/STEAM Activity Ideas from @willcottjulie
  6. Wes Fryer’s STEM Curriculum
  7. Shelly Fryer’s Maker Studio resources:
  8. Little Bits
  9. STEM Teachers on Twitter:
  10. STEM Innovation Twitter list: