Welcome to Mrs. Thompson's art class website. This is a space for Casady's Lower Division artists to share artwork, ideas and projects and a space for parents to get a glimpse of some of the cool stuff we do in the art room. Learn more about some of our art experiences.

Click on the <<ART SHOW tab to the left to see some images from our first lower division art show. If you missed it, well, it ROCKED but you can still see some photos from the fun event. If you made it, thank you for coming and supporting what I do in my classroom, but more importantly for showing your little artist how much you value what they create and supporting their creative hearts. I got to visit with many parents and I really enjoyed hearing the excitement from parents as they found their child's artwork. What a self-esteem boost many children walked away with!

See all of the Story Stones on the east side of the art

classroom in our "Story Stone Garden".

Here I am, in my Happy Place : )

I SO love what I get to do at this great school, with my

growing artists.

Last year, first grade artists created these Mark Rothko inspired chalk pastel pieces after reading Dr. Seuss' "My Many Colored Days".

I love Mark Rothko's work and it was fun to interpret some of his work and guess how he might have been feeling when he created it, and what part of the day it might have been for him. This book is amazing to read anytime or anywhere, but especially in the art room. It gives an opportunity to talk about how colors connect to feelings, how our moods and emotions change throughout the day, and how if someone is feeling kind of gray in the morning, that doesn't mean that have to or will feel that way all day. We discussed shapes, large color fields, blending colors, blurry and fluffy edges compared to sharp, straight edges. For the image above, students used soft chalk pastels on black construction paper. The kids loved created these pieces and I loved it too. This year, however, I decided to change up a few things. Not because I didn't like the process, the kids SO enjoyed working with the materials and it all flowed so smoothly - but this year I wanted to try something new, because, well, that's what I do and that's how things roll in the art room.

Listen to our students share stories about their art.