Welcome to a sharing space for the art classroom. I am humbled by and inspired by the students I get to work with in this classroom and I am happy to share some of our work with you, and hopefully it might give you a glimmer of inspiration of something you can try in your home or in your own classroom.


It's a way to see, look at, and understand ourselves and the art that surrounds us. It's how I teach art and it's how students learn. It's students observing art, finding art, finding cracks in the ground or watching shadows change throughout the day. It's noticing.

This site is just a window into some of the art experiences that my lower division students have enjoyed. The art room is a place to discover, collaborate, and experiment with new ideas. This year, personally I am emphasizing the "process" of not only the art we create inside this classroom, but the process of enjoying, of being, of seeing beyond the walls of our art room. I tell my students to keep their eyes open because there is a lot to see if you choose to see it, if you chose to take time to notice.

So notice.

Slow down and savor.

Enjoy some images and stories and give yourself time to see something new today.