4th Grade Art Projects

Fourth grade artists have been working hard on a time-intensive observational drawing project. They looked at a photograph upside down to draw their self portrait.

They finished the portraits just in time for the art show.

Here are a few examples of their work. I'm going to attempt to download the images by class so that any parent interested in finding their child's self-portrait may do so by clicking on the file with the student's name.

Check out all of the 4th grade self-portraits by clicking on the 4th Grade Art Gallery tab on the top of the page. Enjoy!

Of course we couldn't do a self-portrait project without some fun warm-up blind-contour drawing exercises. Look at that focus!

Here are some of the "Dream Time" pieces students created in the style of aboriginal art while working with visiting poet, Pat Webb of mindfulnessokc.com. The students maintained this amazing quiet bubble of focus while they worked on this project. The fourth grade students “Dreamed” their hand based on things they love in nature, their talents, and their personal gifts. Our project celebrated the fact that every member of the tribe brings something unique and valuable. The poems and the hands express who each individual artist is.

Check out all of their work by clicking the art gallery tab above.