3rd Grade Art Projects

Third grade artists are currently working on a printmaking project. It's a collab between Mr. Bush's science class where the students took the initiative to sell fair trade chocolate bars to raise money to donate to a local charity. So the fair trade cocoa beans used to make the chocolate bars came from the Ivory coast. In art class we talked about the adinkra symbols that adorned the wrappers of the chocolate bars they were selling. It was a perfect way to integrate art into their fundraising project. The adinkra symbols are important to those who wear them and who make them for adinkra cloth in villages in the Ivory Coast, specifically in Ghana. Students discussed common proverbs to our culture and compared them to what the adinkra symbols meant to those who created them. Students took time to carefully observe the symbols designs, their symmetry, their meanings, and choose four that had some meaning for them in their own life. I can't wait to elaborate on this project more and share some images!

Here are some of the story stones that were created after students took a nature walk to the temporary labyrinth that was painted near our chapel.

Students had to trust their hand to create a design that was to represent ways they can be more peaceful each day. They had to trust their hand in the same way they had to trust the path in the labyrinth would lead them to the center. While the labyrinth looked like a complicated maze, when students walked mindfully and slowly, trusting their feet to guide them, they saw that the lines, or paths did not lead to dead ends but to the center, and then back out again. What a lesson for life we can draw from this. Trust yourself. Trust that you are on the right path for where you need to go, even though it may not always seem like it. Don't shove past each other on the path but take your time, enjoy the scenery, the breeze, the leaves dropping to the ground. Enjoy the journey at your own pace and you will find peace. I LOVE THIS!

These images were taken during a 1st grade visit to the labyrinth. Here are some of the story stones that came from this.

Here are some in-process shots of students working hard and staying focused on a still life drawing. They were observing gourds and pumpkins to create a foreground, background, middle ground, and depth after looking at Van Gogh's Sunflowers.