1st Grade Art Projects

First grade artists have had the opportunity to work with a variety of media so far this year. I've been able to capture a few photos during class, although it's not always easy to do so.

Students have taken a nature walk to explore where we might be able to find and observe lines and collected nature to draw inspiration from as well as to use for texture rubbings, or frottage, in their sketchbooks. Here are some action shots!

Some of their latest work included "Force Painting", a project where everyone was completed engaged in their work and had a blast experimenting with many different types of gadgets, some were magnetic, or ferric, and others were not. The students had time to explore which ones were magnetic and then dipped a gadget in paint to see what kind of mark it would make. But part of the challenge was that they could only use a magnet underneath their tray to manipulate the gadgets.

I hope you enjoyed that video of students from Mrs. Colley's class sharing their observations after their force painting experience. What was really cool is that once the students got back into their classroom, they were so excited about their work that they wrote about their experience in their journals. Here are some photos of their journal entries.